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Online Course Options

How Online Courses Work

  1. Take an online (Part 1) course and print out the completion certificate.  The cost of this online course goes to the American Heart Association.
  2. Schedule and complete an in-person Part 2 review and Part 3 Skills Check.  There is a separate fee associated with this which goes to Stayin’ Alive.
  3. Your certificate will be exactly the same as if you took the traditional in-person course.

Schedule Skills Check (Parts 2 & 3)

Skills Checks do not take much time to complete.  Fill out this request form and an instructor will be in touch with you shortly.  Please note that Skills Check reservations are not finalized until an instructor has confirmed a time and date and you have paid.

Please review our Course Policies regarding important information, such as rescheduling, cancellation, refunds, and medical information.

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Pay for a Skills Check.

Why Online?

  • Confidence in knowledge and skills and do not wish to take a traditional course
  • Need to be re-certified quickly because of a quickly-approaching expiration date
  • Online courses are recommended for re-certifications only.  If you are taking the course for the first time, it is recommended (but not required) that you take a traditional in-person course.


Course Online Course Cost Skills Check Cost Total Cost
BLS CPR $22 $35 $57
ACLS $120 $80 $200
PALS $120 $80 $200
Heartsaver CPR/AED $23 $40 $63
Heartsaver CPR/AED/First Aid $40 $40 $80

The AHA’s Online Course Cost may change without notice.  These prices were provided for convenience only.

This Costs More!

Unfortunately, the bulk of the cost comes from the American Heart Association’s course cost which does not go to Stayin’ Alive.

While it is more expensive to take an online course, the benefit is that you can complete the course on your own timeframe in your own home (or wherever you choose).


Beware of any company that says they can give you an online CPR or online ACLS or PALS course without an in-person component. There are places who will take your money and issue you a “certification” without requiring a Skills Check. These “certifications” are not valid and will not be accepted by your employer.

The American Heart Association’s online courses must be purchased from their website ( and then completed by passing a Skills Check with an AHA instructor.  The certifications issued by Stayin’ Alive are genuine and will be accepted by your employer.